Thursday, February 6, 2014

If Blood Is Red,Then Why Are Veins Blue?


We need blood to live. The pump of blood through our blood vessels is called circulation. The cells take the oxygen and nutrients from the blood. The carbon dioxide is transferred to the veins and back to the heart. When the blood is pumped back to the heart, it pumps it to the lungs. Once in the lungs, carbon dioxide is released when exhaled. Then oxygen is entered when inhaled. Blood is always red. Blue light is reflected back into our eyes when we see our own veins.


Veins are blue because it is the color sent back when looking at them. Most people think that veins are blue because blood is blue without oxygen. I thought that veins are blue because there could be blue cells  and they could have changed of what you see outside the skin. Overall, veins are blue because of the light bouncing your eye to the vein.


I challenge you to learn more about veins.

Can Writing Be Art?


The writing of an author can be a form of art. The words that are being used is just like art. They use imagination in their words. Cave paintings were used in ancient language which was in the form of art. Those cave painting eventually developed into hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were basically were just pictographs which was a form of art and these hieroglyphics was the first alphabet in the world which developed into our modern alphabet we use today.


My opinion about this is that all writing is art. Every person has a different form of writing and all is art. Since our alphabet originated from hieroglyphics, all writing is art. This shows that all writing is art. Some people will say that writing is not art. I disagree. According to these facts, this supports my statement of all writing is art.


I challenge you to get more information.

Friday, December 13, 2013

What causes Shipwrecks?


What is a sunken ship? It is where a ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean. This is called shipwrecks. One reason what causes shipwrecks are icebergs. In the story the Titanic, it crashes into an iceberg and the ship sinks. This was the most famous shipwreck. Tropical Storm such as hurricanes. Some ships sink because of the military. Torpedoes have been fired from enemy ships and airplanes which caused them to sink. Some shipwrecks are huge,like the Titanic and military battleships.Some might be small like fishing boats. Over history, the oceans have claimed the lives of many ships.The United Nation predicts that there has been about 3 million shipwrecks in the oceans. 


Shipwrecks seem interesting and fascinating. They have some history and this is why they are interesting. You don't know how they wreck so you get curious. It could be a hurricane or an iceberg or torpedoes. There is no history that we know about so that's how it is fascinating. We are currently researching on how some ships sunk. It gives no knowledge about it so we have to research about it.

Top 10 Shipwrecks

2.S.S. Eastland
3.MS Estonia
4. RMS Empress of Ireland 
5. The General Slocum Paddle Steamer
6. MV Dova Paz 
7.SS Sultana
8.Halifax Harbour Explosion
9.SS Kiangya
10. MV Wilhelm Gustloff


I challenge you to find more shipwrecks.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Advertisements As Seen On T.V.

Glittering Generalities and Bandwagon

Ads are all over the T.V. and internet.Some you don't even pay attention to. Some catch your eye. Glittering Generalities use simple, clever slogans to appeal to peoples' emotion. Bandwagon uses people's emotions to make them choose the better company.An example of glittering generalities  is like "Drink this,get healthy now!"An example of bandwagon is a Downy commercial. They use bandwagon in their commercial by making people hug these guys and decide which one is softer. This commercial that you are about to watch, uses both glittering generalities  and bandwagon.In the commercial, they use bandwagon at the end when it says "At&t is the fastest 4g network." They make you want to join At&t instead of other companies. They use glittering generalities  when they ask "What's the biggest number you can think of?" The kids respond to the question and that's how much 4g they have.They use those techniques to make you want to join them.

Advertisement Opinions

These ads can't convince me easily. I'm only convinced when facts are provided and very convincing. These commercials don't give enough detail and information about At&t,so people don't have an idea on what At&t is. Using these techniques, they don't show enough information. I don't support these kinds of advertisements because they give no detail or information about the company. I don't like the technique glittering generalities because they show no information about the company.

Bandwagon is peer preasuring you to choose they're company. It does not sound convincing because you're not actully choosing company,you're just joining the "populars." In ways, it sounds very convincing.In others,it does not. Bandwagon has it's advantages and disadvantages of the way you say it. In this commercial it sounds convincing.

Top Ten List of Best Glittering Generalities and Bandwagon Commercials

 1.This commercial uses glittering generalities by using "Bigger is better" to refer to the 4g lte network.They use bandwagon by using bigger is better and that this is known as the group you should be in,At&t. They use those both together to make it sound convincing. It makes it look like a great ad.

2.In this commercial uses glittering generalities by saying "Two things at once is better than one."It's refurring to the iPhone 5 can do two things at once and only At&t has this feature.They use bandwagon by saying only At&t's iPhone 5 can do two things at once and so you should choose At&t. This makes At&t sound convincing.

3.They use glittering generalities in this commercial by saying "Saving is better."It is telling you that you save $100 on the iPhone5 when you trade in you're old smartphone. They use bandwagon by telling you that you save more with At&t than other companies. They make you to want to do this.

4.The commercial uses glittering generalities when saying "Better is better."It shows that At&t is the best 4g network.They use bandwagon by telling you At&t has the best 4g network.They make they're network sound the best.

5.They use glittering generalities by saying "Now is better."It tells that At&t is the most fastest and most reliable 4g network.It uses bandwagon by saying that At&t is the best 4g network so you should be part of the group. They make you want to get the best 4g network.

6.Glittering generalities is used by saying "Saving is better."It says that save up to $100 per month with mobile share. They use bandwagon by saying At&t will save you up to $100 per month so they make you join them.They try to convince you by saving.

7.They use glittering generalities when saying "Doing two things at once instead of one."They say that with the iPhone 5,you can do two things at once.Bandwagon is used when it says you can do 2 things at once with the iPhone 5 from At&t.It shows that only At&t's can do 2 things at once.

8.Glittering generalities are used when it says "At&t is the most fastest and most reliable 4g network."They say that with At&t,you have the fstest network.They use bandwagon when it says that At&t has the fastest network.They make you want to get At&t.

9.They use glittering generalities by saying "Faster is better."It shows how At&t has the fastest 4g network.Bandwagon is used when it says At&t has the fastest 4g network.It is used to make people convinced that At&t has the fastet 4g network.

10.Glittering generalities is used when they say "At&t is the fastest 4g lte network.They use bandwagon when they say At&t has the fastest 4g network.They make you want to join At&t because of they're fast 4g lte network.

Advertisement Challenges

Try to find the advertisement techniqus in this video.What are they?What are other types of ad techniques?



Monday, October 14, 2013

Qin, The First Emperor of China


   China's first emperor was known as Qin Shi Huangdi. Over 8,000 clay soldiers were made to protect Qin's tomb. He wanted all of them to go with him in the afterlife. He wanted to have power in the afterlife as well. The sculptures are 2,200 years old now. Sculptures were discovered by farmers digging for water. Qin wanted immortality. The sculptures were smashed when they were found. Sculptures are known as the "Terracotta Army."

My Opinions

   I dislike Qin Shi Huangdi because he was cruel and insane. Even though he developed many things, he was a bad emperor. He showed no emotion.700,000 people were involved in the making of the sculptures. Began to build a second empire for the afterlife. He wants all the power to himself. First, he killing people for the second empire, the afterlife. Second, he had started building a second empire, which required deaths of many. Finally, he wanted an army in the afterlife which meant all he wants is power.

Credits for information

National Geographic
Time for Kids

Top Ten Facts About Terracotta Army

1. 8,000 soldiers joined Qin in the afterlife.
2.Sculptures are 2,200 years old.
3.The sculptures were discovered by farmers.
4.Each individual has a unique face.
5.Each also has unique height and uniform.
6.650 horses are part of the army.
7.The soldiers held real weapons.
8.700,000 people were in the making of the construction of the sculptures.
9.Emperor's tomb simulated into rivers.
10.Emperor's tomb has not been dug up yet.

You're Thoughts

   What do you think about Qin? Was he a good emperor ? Do you like him?


Monday, October 7, 2013

"SuperCroc"Crocodile Emperor


   Over 90 million years ago,there lived a monster so terrifying , even the most dangerous creatures quaked in fear. This beast is "Super Croc." It was at least 40 feet long and weighed about 10 tons and a length of a bus. It ruled the African river. His strength was unmatched and could dominate most animals. In the article "Super Croc" by Peter Winkler, "The skull alone was six feet long." Archeologist Paul Sereno estimated how long "Super Croc" really was. "Super Croc's" mouth was designed for grabbing it's prey.

    Thoughts About "Super Croc"

     "Super Croc" was a deadly beast. To me this was one of the most deadliest creature to ever walk earth. "Super Croc" sounded scary even after millions of years after it's death. We are lucky to ever have to go face to face with this beast. I can't ever picture me in front of "Super Croc." I would bow down to this monster in fear. "Super Croc" is also known as "Sarcosuchus Imperator." This means crocodile emperor.

   Top Ten Facts About "Super Croc"

        1.40 feet long                                 2.weighs 10 tons
        3.Lived in wetlands                       4.Ruled African river
        5."Super Croc" had cousins          6.It had scutes
        7.Had about 132 teeth                   8.No other croc had a head design like "Super Croc's"
        9.It's teeth are short, but powerful 10.Biggest croc that ever walked earth.

What do you think about "Super Croc?"

    "Super Croc" is very interesting and say you check out stuff about "Super Croc." Tell me what you think in the comments.