Thursday, February 6, 2014

If Blood Is Red,Then Why Are Veins Blue?


We need blood to live. The pump of blood through our blood vessels is called circulation. The cells take the oxygen and nutrients from the blood. The carbon dioxide is transferred to the veins and back to the heart. When the blood is pumped back to the heart, it pumps it to the lungs. Once in the lungs, carbon dioxide is released when exhaled. Then oxygen is entered when inhaled. Blood is always red. Blue light is reflected back into our eyes when we see our own veins.


Veins are blue because it is the color sent back when looking at them. Most people think that veins are blue because blood is blue without oxygen. I thought that veins are blue because there could be blue cells  and they could have changed of what you see outside the skin. Overall, veins are blue because of the light bouncing your eye to the vein.


I challenge you to learn more about veins.

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